Mission: To help our patients achieve and maintain the best possible oral health.

Practice Philosophy: We believe good oral health is important to everyone in the community. We strive to preserve good oral health by giving patients the best advice available, instigating any disease prevention measures appropriate, and where necessary, providing treatment to remedy or alleviate conditions which have arisen. We will make every effort to ensure advice and treatment is current ‘best dental practice’, and we will use our best care, skill and judgment to provide a high quality service.

Our patients can expect to be treated courteously, sympathetically and professionally, in a safe, friendly environment. Options will be explained carefully and every effort will be made to help them understand the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives and the financial obligations involved.

We will always try to keep to appointment times made and complete treatment promptly. In turn, we expect patients to cooperate with treatment goals, attend appointments made, treat staff and other patients with respect and honor financial commitments made. We are committed to monitoring and improving the quality of our service to out patients, thus providing satisfaction to them and a sense of professional fulfillment to ourselves.