White Fillings

Often people ask if a white filling is possible when they need a back tooth filled. The best option depends on many factors. Some are listed below

  1. If the filling is small then there is usually no problem and a white (composite) filling can be done at a similar cost to an amalgam filling.
  2. For larger fillings things get a bit tricky. If the filling is going to be visible then a white filling will be done if possible. If the filling is not going to be visible then often it is best to stick to the good old fashioned amalgam filling due to its lower cost, ease of placement, and greater strength.
  3. Sometimes the side of a tooth breaks off around a filling. If cost is a factor (and it usually is) and a crown is not planned then the breakage can often be repaired with a white filling to replace the fractured portion of tooth.
  4. If someone is a “grinder” or has an especially hard bite then an amalgam (silver) filling is a better option as amalgam fillings are stronger and wear down less than white fillings. In this situation a gold filling is often recommended. Despite a higher initial cost the long life of gold fillings make them very cost affective in the long run.

Your dentist will be happy to discuss which type of filling is best for you.